10 ways to keep your home free of dog hair

Rubber squeegee window wiper. Using a rubber squeegee window cleaning tool will effortlessly remove pet hair from carpets and upholstery. Wipe the rubber squeegee over the carpet or upholstery and the hair and fur rolls up into balls enabling easy removal. Damp sponge. Sometimes a damp sponge can make pet hair removal easy. Just be.. read more →

Removing furniture indents in carpets.

Have you moved your furniture recently, or maybe replaced your furniture with new and updated furniture. Do you now have those unsightly furniture indents in your carpet? Have you tried everything to remove these marks. The success of removing furniture indent marks from your carpet varies with the different types of carpets and underlays that.. read more →

Deep down stain removal.

Sometimes stains penetrate deep down in your carpets. Normal stain removal techniques might not be enough to remove these stubborn type of stains. Spills such as soft drink, juice and red wine may find its way deep into the carpet pile. The only way to successfully remove these types of stains would be to extract.. read more →

Why truck-mount carpet cleaning is best.

Why Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning is Best   At River City Carpet Cleaning we understand that carpets can be expensive, which is why we use only the best equipment in our cleaning process. From experience we have found that truck-mounted carpet cleaning systems are the best and safest way to clean and sanitize carpets thoroughly. Truck-mounted.. read more →

Moving house checklist

So you have found your perfect new home. Now its time to start organising the big move. To make things less stressful and to ensure things go smoothly we have compiled a list of things to do to help the big move go as smoothly as possible without to much stress. First step to make.. read more →

Ipswich carpet cleaning service area.

Ipswich Carpet Cleaners Our carpet cleaners service all Ipswich Suburbs. If you need end of lease carpet cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning or Pest Control services than contact River City Carpet Cleaning. If your looking for a carpet cleaning company to clean carpets in the suburbs north of Ipswich then call River city carpet cleaning.  North Ipswich.. read more →

Carpet Cleaning in winter.

Carpet cleaning in winter. Our local Ipswich carpet cleaning customers have been asking us lately if there carpets will take forever to dry with the colder days that winter brings. Every time I hear this I have a little laugh to myself. Places like England, North America and Europe all need there carpets cleaned and.. read more →

Removing urine smell from carpets.

How to remove urine from carpets. Just the other day we were asked by our local property manager in Ipswich to have a look at a property that had been cleaned by another local Ipswich carpet cleaner . Even thou the carpet cleaner did a great job cleaning the carpets he never performed a treatment.. read more →

Cheap Carpet Cleaners.

Cheap Carpet Cleaners.   Why some carpet cleaners advertise cheap prices. The most common reason why some cheap carpet cleaners in Ipswich qld advertise low prices is to get you to book your carpet cleaning appointment only to raise the prices when they arrive for the cheap carpet cleaning appointment. To increase the cheap price.. read more →

Truck-mount carpet cleaning

Truck-Mount Carpet Cleaning What is truck mount carpet cleaning? A truck-mount carpet cleaning machine is a petrol driven carpet cleaning machine that is permanently fixed in either a van or small truck. These type of carpet cleaning machines are powerful cleaning machines capable of achieving large amounts of very hot water and huge vacuum suction.. read more →

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