Caring for your carpet


Carpet¬† flooring is an expensive item. Caring for your carpet doesn’t have to be hard. When it comes to cleaning carpet flooring there are three main types of soil that can accumulate in your carpets. Soil is defined by anything that is foreign to the carpet construction.

1. Water Soluble Soil- Food, sugars, starches, salt and fluids.

This type of soil can be removed by using detergents and shampoos. General foods, fluids, sugars and such are easily removed using a quality carpet cleaning detergent.

2. Solvent Soluble – Grease, tar, cooking oils, inks.

These type of soils will only be able to be removed with the assistance of a solvent type of spotter. Solvent spotters easily breakdown soils like paint, inks and even things like blu tac and chewing gum.

3. Insoluble – Dirt, sand, vegetable fibre, animal hair, lint etc.

The only way to remove these types of soils is by physically lifting them out. Its a good thing they invented the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners will lift out any insoluble soils like dirt, sand, hair and lint.

Five easy tips to keep your carpets cleaner longer

Vacuuming is the most important factor in keeping your carpets looking good for longer. Regular vacuuming removes dry soil, dust , animal and human hair before it bonds with the sticky residues from cooking oils, grease and tar. Removing sand, dirt and grit is important as it scratches the carpet fibres causing the carpets to look dull. This is normally evident in the high traffic area walkways.

Treat Stains Promptly.

Most stains when treated quickly will be able to be removed. The longer the stain is left untreated the harder it is to remove. Some stains that are left untreated oxidize and what you will find is the original stain will be removed but the carpet surrounding that stain has become yellow from the oxidizing effects which can become permanent.

Regular carpet cleaning.

We recommend to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least every twelve months to to rid your carpet of the grease, oils and sticky residues that build up. If you have a large family with pets etc then we would recommend to have your carpets cleaned more frequently. Regular cleaning will keep also keep dust mites and allergen down to an acceptable level.

Carpet protectors.

It is a good idea to use carpet protectors on bottom of furniture legs such as tables, beds etc,especially if the legs are treated with furniture varnish or are made of metal.

Entry Mats.

Having good quality entrance mats that can catch soil, grease etc before it can be tracked onto the carpeted areas is also a good idea. Make sure the mats are made of a material that would catch soil. Example being – wool, soft nylon or a velcro type entrance mat.

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