Removing furniture indents in carpets.

Have you moved your furniture recently, or maybe replaced your furniture with new and updated furniture. Do you now have those unsightly furniture indents in your carpet? Have you tried everything to remove these marks. The success of removing furniture indent marks from your carpet varies with the different types of carpets and underlays that.. read more →

Removing urine smell from carpets.

How to remove urine from carpets. Just the other day we were asked by our local property manager in Ipswich to have a look at a property that had been cleaned by another local Ipswich carpet cleaner . Even thou the carpet cleaner did a great job cleaning the carpets he never performed a treatment.. read more →

Red Dye Removal – Nail polish

Red Dye Removal – Nail polish   This morning we had a frantic call from a young girl from Ipswich qld who had just accidentally spilled some red nail polish on her mums new carpet. She was in luck today as we had a spare carpet cleaning appointment available in the afternoon. We advised her.. read more →

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