30 Jun 2015

Why Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning is Best


At River City Carpet Cleaning we understand that carpets can be expensive, which is why we use only the best equipment in our cleaning process.

From experience we have found that truck-mounted carpet cleaning systems are the best and safest way to clean and sanitize carpets thoroughly.

Truck-mounted cleaning systems are run exclusively from the inside of a truck or van. They work using a petrol driven motor to turn a blower which creates the vacuum, and also at the same time a pulley drives a high-pressure water pump. The motor then creates heat which in turn heats the water. All this is done without using any electricity or hot water from the customer’s home making it more economical for you. And because the motor of the carpet cleaning machine is in the truck, the amount of noise in your home is reduced to just the sound of the vacuum from the carpet cleaning wand. This allows you to get on with your day with minimal disruption.Truck-mount carpet cleaning machine

Some of the smaller portable types of carpet cleaning equipment can make your carpets extremely wet, thus increasing the length of time it takes to dry. With the high-powered truck-mounted systems used by our experienced team at River City Carpet Cleaning, your carpet will be dry and safe to walk on after a few hours. Additionally, opening windows and tuning on fans will significantly reduce the drying time.

Our truck-mounted system is equipped to clean carpets and upholstery, and is significantly faster than bulky, indoor carpet cleaning units.

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