What type of carpet cleaning do you do?

River City Carpet Cleaning performs carpet steam cleaning. Carpet steam cleaning is also referred to as Hot water extraction, carpet shampooing etc. Carpet steam cleaning meets the Australian standard for carpet cleaning, and is the preferred method of cleaning carpets for real estates and property managers.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?Facts and Questions

It is recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months to keep them in good condition. When cleaned and maintained correctly, the carpet life is extended.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

On average it takes between 4 and 6 hours to dry. Opening windows and turning on fans will increase dry times. If there is a good air flow and the humidity is low then the carpets and upholstery will be dry in no time.

 When should I have my carpets cleaned?

Having your carpets cleaned annually is a good idea. If you have indoor pets then you should consider having your carpets cleaned more regularly. Having your carpets cleaned regularly helps get rid of dust mites and allergens as well as dirt and bacteria. Soil and dirt is abrasive, and will wear your carpets out more quickly. Having your carpets professionally cleaned will extend the life of your carpets.

Do you move furniture?

We will move small furniture. However we will not move furniture and valuables that are easily broken. To keep our carpet cleaning technicians safe and prevent any injuries we won’t move heavy furniture.

What is your preferred payment method.

We accept cash, eftpos or credit card (master card and visa).

Will all the stains be removed?

Even though we used advanced specialised stain removing chemicals, some stains will be already permanently set. The quicker we can attend to the stains the more chance of removal.

Will my carpets get dirty quicker after having them cleaned.

This is a myth dating back twenty or more years. Back then carpet cleaners used to leave your carpets with cleaning detergent still left in your carpets. These days professional carpet cleaners will avoid this by using quality cleaning chemicals and rinsing / extracting all cleaning chemicals out of your carpet. We use pre sprays and fresh water rinses or if needed specially formulated rinsing solutions.

I have had a flea treatment performed and i am still seeing fleas in my house.

For more information about our flea treatment and warranty download our
Flea treatment information brochure

The difference between dirty carpet and worn carpet.

Dirt is something that can be removed from carpet through cleaning. Carpet wear such as heavy traffic areas will be, under close inspection, worn out and the fibres scratched and worn, causing dull looking carpet appearance. It’s important to note that anywhere you walk on continuously will never have the appearance of brand new carpet after cleaning.

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