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River city carpet cleaning offer prompt, reliable pest control services from Ipswich to Forest Lake and Springfield Lakes. We use the safest and most effective pest control solutions to rid your home of those annoying and unwanted pests.
Our pest management technicians will carry out a thorough inspection of your home to find the most effective pest control solution to eradicate the pests around your home. Not only will we treat your home but will give you tips and ideas to prevent future pest infestations.
Generally there are three types of pest treatments available.

• End of lease flea treatments and cockroach treatments.

When moving out of a rental property, most real estates ask to have the home treated for fleas and/or cockroaches. We specialise in flea treatment services and know what property managers want so you get your bond back. Not only can we save you time, we have discounts available if you need both carpets cleaned, and flea treatments done. If you need more information about flea treatments, then check out our FLEA BROCHURE PDF.


• Annual pest treatment

We often get asked “do we need an annual pest treatment?” The answer is simple -Yes. Just like you would service your car before it breaks down, you should have pest control treatments to ensure pests don’t become a problem. Its far easier to keep pests out than eliminating a huge pest problem. A typical pest treatment would include:


  • Dusting in and around heavy furniture – Fridges, Dishwashers, cabinets and cracks and crevices.
  • Dusting in roof voids.
  • Checking for rodents in roof void (mice and rats).
  • Gel baits applied in kitchen cupboards etc.
  • Internal spray along skirting boards.
  • External windows and edgings.
  • Perimeter spray along exterior walls and eaves.
  • Treatment of pergolas and patios.
  • Sheds,outdoor swings,outdoor furniture.


Redback spider

• Specialised pest treatments

Our licensed pest controllers enjoy a challenge. If you already have a pest problem and need it solved then give us a call. We have a range of specialised pest treatments that can take care of your problem pests. Whether its a german cockroach problem, ants getting out of control or spiders everywhere, we have targeted pest solutions that work. We can take care of these pests:
• Bees
Rats and Mice
• Wasps
• Silverfish
Carpet Beetles and Clothes Moth
• German Cockroaches

Need more information on the pest control products we may use in your treatment, then see our list of pest chemical msds.


 • Save $$$$ on your pest control treatments..

We offer discounted rates if you book a pest control and carpet cleaning service together. Please contact us for further information on these discounts.

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