Carpet Cleaning Preparation

Carpet cleaning preparation


One of our most common questions is we get asked is – what do we need to do to prepare for our carpet cleaning appointment? Here we have listed some important tips that will not only help us with your carpet cleaning appointment, but also give you an idea what you can do to make the carpet cleaning appointment quick and easy.

• Driveway and front entrance.

Please ensure driveway is clear prior to our arrival. Our vacuum hoses run from the van, so the closer the van is parked to the job the better. We will park our carpet cleaning van as close to the front door or garage roller door as possible.
The shorter the vacuum hose is, the faster the carpets will dry. Please be aware of and plan for your outside door being ajar during the cleaning process.

• Preparing the rooms to be carpet cleaned.oldshaggycarpet

Please hang up any full-length draperies or skirts on upholstered furniture or beds that may be touching the carpet.

We won’t move any electronics, china cabinets, sectional sofas, beds, entertainment units, pianos, antique and fragile furniture.

Any small items such as dining room chairs, pot plants, coffee tables etc should be removed from carpeted areas before your carpet cleaner arrives.

Please remove breakable items. During our pre-inspection walk-through, please advise us of any special instructions to follow or any spots and stains that may require extra attention.

We will normally start with the furthest room in the house. Then we will work our way back out of the house.

Click here for more information about how to clean carpet with furniture in the room.

• Children and pets

petsAs far as children are concerned, their safety is very important to us. Please keep a very close eye on them during the cleaning process, as hoses are hot and floors can become slippery.

After the carpets have been cleaned please ensure that do not run into and out of the freshly cleaned rooms as they will slip over, especially on tiled areas. Please put your pets in a safe, quiet place where our carpet cleaners won’t disturb them.

• Which room will we start cleaning in?

Normally you should have the rooms that need cleaning ready to go before the carpet cleaner arrives. The first room the carpet cleaner will clean is the furthest from the front door or garage.

If your running behind in getting the room cleared for cleaning, then start at the furthest room in the house and work your way towards the front. This is how the carpet cleaner will more than likely clean your carpets.

•Special After-Care Information

Dry time is 4 to 6 hours depending on the temperature, relative humidity and airflow. Please keep furniture blocks and leg protectors in place for 24hrs. Furniture items removed from the carpet prior to cleaning should remain off the carpet until carpet dries completely. Directly after cleaning, provide ventilation to expedite drying times by use of ceiling fans. Open windows during periods of low humidity on nice sunny days, or use of air conditioning system on very hot days when humidity is high. Please use extreme caution when walking from the damp carpet to any hard surface area.

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