06 Sep 2022

Springfield Lakes End of Lease Carpet Clean

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River City Carpet Cleaning Springfield Lakes offers the best end of lease carpet cleaning, carpet stain removal, carpet deodorising & end of lease services at affordable prices in Springfield Lakes. Book an appointment with the best end of lease carpet cleaning technicians and keep your property manager happy. Phone 0422 176 312 for an easy no fuss booking appointment.

Professional domestic & commercial carpet steam cleaners specialised in end of lease carpet cleaning, carpet stain removal, carpet protection, and carpet spot treatment services in Springfield Lakes. Our local steam carpet cleaning specialists are available in all areas around Springfield Lakes.

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When is the best time to book in the end of lease carpet clean?

The carpet cleaning should be the last task to be done before handing the keys back to the property manager. So when the general cleaning is complete eg. kitchen, bathrooms, walls and hard surface areas etc then the carpets should be done.

The carpet cleaner will generally make sure as they complete the rooms of carpet cleaning, they tidy up any drips and splashes as they go. Carpet cleaners will normally start at the furthest point of the house and work their way towards the front door or garage area. This ensures that the house is left clean and tidy for the outgoing property inspection.

Hassle free carpet cleaning for Springfield Lakes rental properties.

To make sure the carpet cleaning is hassle free make sure all rooms are empty , rubbish removed and cleaned. We can’t guarantee our end of lease carpet cleaning if the carpeted rooms were not ready for the carpet clean. Cleaning surfaces such as skirtings and fans etc after the carpet clean was done will normally void any warranties.

Let the carpet cleaner know any concerns you have about the your carpets before the clean. A professional carpet cleaning company will ask you if you have any concerns. If you have If you have a particular stain your worried about let them know. They will run through with you about the chances of that stain being removed. Any odour issues should be discussed before the carpet clean also. These normally need to be addressed as an extra option to the carpet clean.

Upon completion of carpet cleaning and payment you will be provided a receipt to give to your property manager or landlord. Property managers will expect to see a receipt of carpet cleaning to ensure it was cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company.

End of Lease carpet cleaning guarantees.

Most end of lease carpet cleanings proceed without any problems. But in the case that something might come up we, offer a weeks warranty for an end of lease carpet clean. This enables the property to be inspected in a reasonable amount of time.

Using an experienced and reputable Springfield Lakes carpet cleaning company gives you peace of mind. If any disputes arise during the inspection you will have help to sort out and fix any issues that may arise.

Do you need a pest treatment with your carpet clean?

If you have pets and are moving out of a Springfield Lakes rental property, most real estates will ask to have the home treated for fleas and/or cockroaches.

These treatments generally involve spraying internally all skirting boards and carpet areas with the appropriate insecticides after the carpet clean. Externally all concrete areas and cracks, lawn/soil areas and under cover areas where pets might frequent will also be treated.

We specialise in flea treatment services and know what property managers want so you get your bond back. Not only can we save you time, we have discounts available if you need both carpets cleaned, and flea treatments done.

What needs to be done to clean an Springfield Lakes rental property

Its easy to get your bond back. We know property managers want your carpets cleaned and all stains removed. You need to hire a Springfield Lakes carpet cleaning professional who can get the job done right. The carpets need to be cleaned and left soft and lightly deodorised to create a great impression for the property inspection. Our truck mount carpet cleaning machines easily get the carpets cleaned and dry in no time at all.

River city carpet cleaning can help you get your bond back. We are the end of lease and rental property carpet cleaning specialist. We offer easy, no fuss carpet cleaning and pest control services that are guaranteed to keep your property manager happy. We arrive on time and get the job done in an efficient and professional manner. Affordable carpet cleaning prices are what you need when your moving out of your Springfield Lakes rental property at the end of the lease.

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