Carpet steam cleaning


Carpet steam cleaning (hot water extraction) is a carpet cleaning method using hot water to remove stains and sanitize carpets and rugs.
Using a truckmounted carpet  cleaning machine will produce hot water (up to 95 degrees) to thoroughly clean and sanitize your valuable carpets.
Carpet steam cleaning is the most preferred method of carpet cleaning as it has the ability to thoroughly rinse carpets deep within the pile.
With the combination of quality carpet cleaning solutions, stain removal techniques and carpet cleaning, great results on all carpet types can be achieved.
Drying times vary with carpet steam cleaning but usually carpets are dry within 4 – 5 hours.

Why use River City Carpet Cleaning

– We use Truckmounted Steam Cleaning machines. – We use quality carpet cleaning solutions to emulsify and remove spots and stains.
– Drying times are reduced using our carpet steam cleaning machines and techniques.
– We will leave your carpets clean, soft and add a lovely deodoriser that will leave your carpets with a fresh scent.

Carpet steam cleaning machines

Portable carpet steam cleaners.

These machines are generally used for high rise apartments and where truckmounted carpet steam cleaning can’t be used. They are normally wheeled into your home
and plugged into an electricity power point. They produce limited heat and insufficient vacuum to lift out all the dirt and contaminants from your carpeting.

Truckmount carpet steam cleaning .

Truckmount carpet cleaning machines are mounted inside carpet cleaning vehicles with hoses going from the vehicle to inside the home or business.
These machines are petrol driven and produce their own hot water without the need for electricity. They have high vacuum performance providing great carpet steam cleaning results and fast carpet drying times.

River city carpet cleaning uses truckmounted carpet steam cleaning machines because they deliver great cleaning results for all of our customers carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile and grout cleaning needs.

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