17 Oct 2015

Have you moved your furniture recently, or maybe replaced your furniture with new and updated furniture. Do you now have those unsightly furniture indents in your carpet?

Have you tried everything to remove these marks. The success of removing furniture indent marks from your carpet varies with the different types of carpets and underlays that are available. There are plenty of remedies on the internet to remove these marks, but you really need to have a professional who deals with different types of carpets on a daily basis to remove these marks safely and effectively.

Here our River city carpet cleaning Ipswich Qld team remove some indentations from two types of carpet.

Polypropylene carpets are the hardest to remove furniture indentations from. Here we have removed the front two indentations from a polypropylene carpet.


Indentations in the carpet from from heavy furniture.

And this photo shows the two front indentations removed from the carpet

And this is a wool carpet that has indentation marks…..

which we successfully removed the front ones as you can see in this image.

Wool carpet with indent marks

Removing furniture indentation marks from carpet is not included in normal carpet cleaning procedures. This is a specialised carpet cleaning treatment.

If you need help in removing or improving furniture indentation marks from your carpet flooring then contact  carpet cleaning Ipswich Qld  for this and many other carpet cleaning services in the Ipswich Qld and surrounding suburbs.

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