10 Feb 2016

10 ways to keep your home free of dog hair

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Rubber squeegee window wiper.

Using a rubber squeegee window cleaning tool will effortlessly remove pet hair from carpets and upholstery. Wipe the rubber squeegee over the carpet or upholstery and the hair and fur rolls up into balls enabling easy removal.

Damp sponge.

Sometimes a damp sponge can make pet hair removal easy. Just be careful not too overwet delicate furniture. The trick to this is have the sponge just damp enough to remove the hair.

Lint roller.

Lots of places sell lint rollers now. Normally just a roll of sticky tabs that remove the hair as it’s rolled over the fabrics. When it stops picking up the hair just peel off a layer of sticky tab and start again. Masking tape works as well, but just not as easy to use as the lint roller.

Dyson animal vacuum cleaner.

Dyson make a specific vacuum cleaner range that addresses the needs of pet owners. These pet vacuum cleaners are designed to easily remove pet hair. Although expensive, Dyson vacuum cleaners are quality tools to keep your home clean.

Brushing dog regularly

This is a cheap way to keep your home hair free. Regulary brush your dog or cat to catch the hair before it spreads around your home.

Micro fiber mop for hard floors

Micro fibre mops are great for hard floors such as timber and tiles. Hair just attracts to these mops making hair removal easy.

Rubber gloves.

Rubber gloves work the same way as the rubber squeege. Just put the gloves on and lightly rub the carpet or fabric upholstery.

Rubber curry brush.

As above. Versitile way of removing the hair from furniture upholstery.

Sheets placed over the furniture.

This is a no brainer. Just cover the furniture with a sheet or blanket. When guests arrive just take the sheets off and there you have, hair free furniture.

Vacuum the dog or cat.

Last but not least. This is my favourite. Just teach your pets to be vacummed. When they get used to this they will love it. I have even heard stories of pets that come running when they hear the vacuum cleaner turn on. Dyson also make a special attachment that is designed for this very task – Grooming tool .

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