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Need carpet cleaning in Ipswich Qld?

River City Carpet Cleaning Ipswich service the entire Ipswich Qld area including Brassall, Raceview, Collingwood Park, Flinders View, Redbank Plains and the surrounding suburbs throughout the Ipswich city region.

Our range of carpet cleaning Ipswich services in Ipswich include Carpet Steam Cleaning (deodorising, spots and stains etc), Fabric Upholstery Cleaning (lounge suites), End of lease Carpet Cleaning and Pest control (flea treatments and cockroach treatments) and also stain removal services.

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• Carpet Cleaning Ipswich – End of lease:

Moving out of a rental property and into a new one can be a stressful experience, especially if you have found one or two stains on the carpet that were hiding under the furniture!

All Ipswich property managers require your carpets to be cleaned professionally upon vacating and here’s where River City Carpet Cleaning Ipswich can help.

Moving house?

End of lease carpet cleaning is our specialty so your in good hands. Our experienced Ipswich carpet cleaners know exactly what property managers are looking for therefore we will have your rental property carpets cleaned and looking as good as new in no time.

If you need to get pest control done as well, then here’s some good news. With our combined carpet cleaning and pest control services, all moving out pest control treatments are done at a reduced price thus saving you time and money.

• Carpet Steam Cleaning:

River city carpet cleaning use the truck mounted carpet steam cleaning method to thoroughly clean and sanitise your carpets. Steam cleaning is also referred to as hot water extraction. This method of carpet cleaning would be the best type of carpet cleaning if you desire to have your carpets thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. Furthermore a combination of hot water and the flushing action removes dirt, grime, allergens and dust mites.

Ipswich carpet cleaning services• Truck-mount carpet cleaners Ipswich:

Carpet Cleaners Ipswich prefer to use truck-mount carpet cleaning machines. Because truckmount carpet cleaning machines create their own hot water we don’t need to use your hot water. All we need to do is hook up the outside water to the garden tap. This means that we won’t use all your hot water so you won’t have a cold shower that evening. Often we hear stories about how the last carpet cleaner used all their hot water. Also these carpet cleaning machines have powerful suction which leaves your carpet dryer than other portable type carpet cleaning machines. When booking your Ipswich carpet cleaning appointment, ask them if they use a truck-mount carpet cleaning machine.

How To Prepare For Your Cleaning Appointment.

To make our arrival for your cleaning appointment as easy as possible we have put together a handy guide to prepare you for your carpet cleaning appointment.

Also here are a few ideas on how to prepare your room for carpet cleaning when it is still furnished. tips like what to do with the bed, curtains and small furniture etc.

• Carpet Cleaning Shampoos and Deodorisers:

The technicians at River City Carpet Cleaning Ipswich know the safest and most effective way to clean your carpet is by using quality carpet cleaning shampoos and stain removers. Therefore keeping in touch with our suppliers is important. This ensures we can use the most advanced cleaning detergents available. We also strive to use environmentally safe products with all our carpet cleaning services. Therefore by using the right products for your carpet cleaning needs, we will leave your freshly cleaned carpets soft, clean and allergen free for your family to enjoy.

• Our Ipswich Carpet Cleaning Services:
• End of Lease Carpet Cleaning.
• Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal.Attention to the stains on the carpet
• Truck-Mount Carpet Cleaning.
• Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control.
• Stain removal services.
• Deodorising included in the Carpet Cleaning.

The Carpet Cleaning Ipswich Experience

Here are three reasons why you should trust out experienced carpet cleaners. Firstly our trained and experienced carpet cleaners are our strength. This makes it possible for us to provide the best services for our clients for the last 17 years with the guaranteed results.

Secondly the team at River City Carpet Cleaning are known for their hard work, experience, and dedication.

Thirdly our carpet cleaners are experts in every type of carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning, stain removal and experts in all things carpet related.

The experienced team at River city carpet cleaning are always ready to serve. We offer services to all the suburbs of the Ipswich area.

Benefits of our Ipswich carpet cleaning services.

• Carpet cleaning solutions tailored to your carpet type.

• Superior cleaning equipment that cleans effectively (Truckmount).

• Safe and child/pet friendly cleaning solutions used.

• Flexible service availability and working schedules.

• Friendly, reliable and trusted staff members.

• Great services at affordable prices.

Other cleaning services you may be interested in.

Lounge Suite Cleaning Ipswich

Pest Control Ipswich

How to prepare for your carpet cleaning appointment

Powerful Truckmount Cleaning

The cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly and are safe for you and your family. Truck-mount carpet cleaning machines ensure your
carpets are clean, soft and back to normal ASAP.
If your after the carpet cleaning specialist in Ipswich and
surrounding areas then call River City Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning Steps.

To get your carpets cleaned correctly there are a few steps that need to be done. Whilst we don’t list all our steps we take to clean your carpets here, we will give you a quick run down on our carpet cleaning procedure.

• Thorough vacuum and pre-inspection.

Whilst we thoroughly vacuum your carpets we look out for any spots and stains that may need extra treatment. Also this is the perfect time to pre-treat any stubborn stains. We will apply our special stain pre treaters to soften up the stains so they can be easily removed during the cleaning procedure.

• Pre-treatment.

A stain busting shampoo treatment is applied to the entire carpets. This carpet cleaning treatment is left to dwell on the carpets for up to 20 minutes to soften and breakdown any spots and stains. Therefore our carpet cleaning solutions will leave your carpets soft, clean and fresh and your carpets will be left with a light fragrance.

• Hot water rinse and extraction.

Finally we flush away all the dirt, spots, stains and allergens from your carpets with our hot water rinse leaving your carpets soft, clean and lightly deodorised. Because we use a hot water rinse your carpets will be left sanitised and hygienically clean.


Why Choose River City Carpet Cleaning Ipswich?

River city carpet cleaning prides themselves on their friendly and polite carpet cleaning technicians. We offer prompt and reliable services to get your day back to normal as soon as possible. We understand that your home is important to you and take great care when we are offering one of our carpet cleaning services in your home.


Our Ipswich carpet cleaners use truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment that can achieve great results on even the most heavily used carpets. More Importantly the truck mounted carpet cleaning machine we use produces its own hot water and great vacuum which means cleaner carpets and quicker drying times.

What are our customers are telling us.

Phil was amazing.Sorry I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye but 11/10 would recommend and use this service again. Hard working and great customer service.
Kelly Dolan

Phil did a great job. Had started before I got home just like I asked and did an amazing job. Great for a chat too! Not only was he early but completed the job with exceptional results at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend his service to anyone seeking work done.
Tony Balzer

Phil turned up just on time and he did a wonderful job i will definitely use him in the near future 🙂 and recommend him too 🖒
Moara Gagai

Turned up early and did a fantastic job.
Jason Travels

Other services we offer.

Not only are we great carpet cleaners, we offer other services that help get you home looking and feeling great. Some of these services are:

  • Carpet stain removal service.
  • Hot water extraction service.
  • Carpet steam cleaning.
  • Hot water extraction service.
  • Carpet odour removal.
  • Wet carpet cleaning.
  • End of lease carpet cleaning
  • Pest control services – Annual & End of lease treatments

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