11 Jun 2014

Carpet cleaning in winter.

Our local Ipswich carpet cleaning customers have been asking us lately if there carpets will take forever to dry with the colder days that winter brings. Every time I hear this I have a little laugh to myself. Places like England, North America and Europe all need there carpets cleaned and they have to do it sometimes in snowy conditions. We talk to other carpet cleaners across the globe and they have issues in winter like the water taps freezing, dealing with icy driveways or the water lines in there carpet cleaning machines freezing.

Temperature GuageLuckily, carpet cleaning in Ipswich Qld we don’t have to deal with snow but the days do get fairly cool. Now there are advantages in getting your carpets cleaned in winter. Here we have included reasons why it’s a good idea to have your Ipswich carpet cleaning appointments scheduled in the cool months of winter.

  1. The humidity is high in Ipswich and the surrounding suburbs during the summer months, and this makes the carpet cleaning dry times take a little longer. The crisp cool air that winter brings helps carpet dry quickly especially if you can create a breeze through the rooms that have been carpet cleaned.
  2. You tend to spend more time indoors so its a good idea to keep your home and carpets clean and fresh. With the cold days, more windows are kept closed so musty smells can build up.
  3. During winter children and pets tend to stay indoors more often. This can lead to more accidental spills and stains appearing on your carpets. Its a good idea to keep on top of any spills as they happen.
  4. The number one reason to have your carpets cleaned during winter is the savings that you can make. Generally during winter, carpet cleaners offer great specials on there carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. As its not quite as busy as the hectic summer months bargains can be made during these cooler months of the year.


River City Carpet Cleaning is equipped to deal with any type of weather situations. We have solutions and tips to get your carpets cleaned and dry in no time no matter what time of year it is. River City Carpet Cleaning service Ipswich Qld and surrounding suburbs including Springfield Lakes and Forest Lake.

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