29 Jul 2015

Sometimes stains penetrate deep down in your carpets. Normal stain removal techniques might not be enough to remove these stubborn type of stains. Spills such as soft drink, juice and red wine may find its way deep into the carpet pile. The only way to successfully remove these types of stains would be to extract deep down into the underlay to remove all traces of the spills.

Other stains such as urine, coffee, tea and even spills that tend to be foamy such as shampoos, are easier to remove without damaging carpet fibres with this type of stain removal process. We can use our stain removers to break up the stains and easily remove the stains and recover the water without leaving the carpets too wet.

As you can see by this short video, this type of carpet cleaning tool allows us to thoroughly flush the carpets of all the contaminates leaving the carpet residue free which prevents the stains from coming back.

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