04 Dec 2013

Truck-Mount Carpet Cleaning

What is truck mount carpet cleaning?

A truck-mount carpet cleaning machine is a petrol driven carpet cleaning machine that is permanently fixed in either a van or small truck. These type of carpet cleaning machines are powerful cleaning machines capable of achieving large amounts of very hot water and huge vacuum suction that easily out cleans the portable type of cleaning machines that some operators bring into your home.

Even though these truck-mount carpet cleaning machines are very powerful, they can be controlled to be used on the most delicate upholstery cleaning.

Petrol powered truck-mount carpet cleaning machines use the heat created by the motor to create reliable and high water temperatures that easily removes even the most soiled carpets and the high heat also helps kill germs and bacteria that may be present in the carpets.

Our Ipswich carpet cleaners use truck-mount carpet cleaning machines with high volume blowers that create huge suction to get your carpets cleaned, and dry in short times. These truck-mount carpet cleaning machines generally have your carpets dry and back in use within 2 -5 hours.

truck-mount carpet cleaning machine

truck-mount carpet cleaning machine


Why use a truck-mount carpet cleaning company?

River City Carpet Cleaning uses truck-mount carpet cleaning machines on all our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning jobs. By using a truck-mount carpet cleaning machine, it gives us the confidence to tackle almost any type of carpet cleaning job.

With our powerful truck-mount machine we can easily remove all types of soiling and stains even without using specialist chemicals. The combination of high heat and powerful suction just makes cleaning carpets easy with our truck-mount machine.

Drying times are quick because of the high vacuum that can be produced allowing more of the rinsing water to be extracted and the carpets can be used within 2- 5 hours.

Truck-mounts are expensive machines to buy and maintain, so choosing an Ipswich carpet cleaning company that uses a truck-mount shows that they care enough to use the best equipment possible to achieve great results for their customers.





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