14 May 2014

How to remove urine from carpets.

Just the other day we were asked by our local property manager in Ipswich to have a look at a property that had been cleaned by another local Ipswich carpet cleaner . Even thou the carpet cleaner did a great job cleaning the carpets he never performed a treatment for the urine stains. The property manager informed  us on the phone that one room in particular had a bad smell. I advised him that we could come straight over and have a look.

After arriving at the property and further discussions with the property manager we came to the conclusion that the little boy must of had some urine accidents on his bedroom carpets. This sort of problem is basically the same procedure as removing pet urine from your carpets and follows the same steps.


Locating the pet urine.

The first step in successfully removing urine from carpet is to locate all the urine deposits. This is important if you want to totally remove all of the smells caused by urine. With carpets with bad urine spills, it may be necessary pull back the carpet to be able to treat both sides of the carpet and even replace the underlay to totally eradicate the smell.

Carpet folded over to reveal how deep urine stains go

Urine all the way through the carpet.

There are a few ways to find the urine in carpets such as with the use of a black light, moisture meters and even getting down and having a good smell. Generally we will mark out all the spots we find with chalk ready for the next step.

Flushing out the urine.

The next step involves flushing out as much of the urine out of your carpets as possible. This step can be tricky as you don’t want to spread the urine out further. We try and remove as much as possible with this step. Sometimes it may be beneficial to use a tool like a water claw. These tools can extract large amounts of contaminants deep down in your carpets.¬† River City Carpet Cleaning use special cleaning solutions the can loosen up the urine deposits and allow the urine to be flushed easily from your carpets.

Treating the urine.

The next step involves treating any remaining urine residues. We use a product that has a high level of enzymes to digest odours at there source, quickly and effectively. This urine treatment that we use also has strong odour counteracts that knock out odour. This enzyme treatment will be left in your carpets to slowly digest remaining urine deposits.


Its difficult to guarantee any urine treatments as they are not readily visible. There could be deposits that can’t be found that can still cause the bad smells to be present. Typically if there only a few spots then total urine removal is possible but if there are many spots then the chances of complete removal are not as good. What River City Carpet Cleaning do guarantee is they will do the best possible treatment to eradicate as much of the urine stains as possible to help save you the cost of replacing your carpets.

For further information about removing urine or any other problems contact River City Carpet Cleaning.

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