06 Dec 2013

Cheap Carpet Cleaners.


Why some carpet cleaners advertise cheap prices.

The most common reason why some cheap carpet cleaners in Ipswich qld advertise low prices is to get you to book your carpet cleaning appointment only to raise the prices when they arrive for the cheap carpet cleaning appointment.

To increase the cheap price they gave you to book in they may tell you things like we have to use heavy duty carpet cleaning shampoo, or we have to use a special spotter to get that spot out or even charge you extra for things like vacuuming or cleaning a walk in robe.

Carpet cleaners in a hurry.

Another reason there carpet cleaning prices may be cheap is that they arrive to clean your carpets and race through the cheap carpet cleaning job like a whirlwind trying to fit in 12 jobs a day. These type of carpet cleaners don’t care about removing spots and stains.

They just go flat out and won’t put the effort in to do a great job. Sometimes these cheap carpet cleaning companies don’t even use a pre spray shampoo as this just takes extra time to do.

Maybe if they get a higher paying job they may not even turn up.

Cheap carpet cleaning equipment.

Another reason why some carpet cleaners are cheap would be that they are using outdated or inadequate carpet cleaning equipment. Inadequate carpet cleaning equipment doesn’t clean your carpets properly or worse leaves them wet for days.

We have seen carpet cleaners operating out of there family car. Little portable in the back seat with cleaning spotters in a bucket. If they take short cuts with there business equipment purchases than more than likely they are going to take short cuts when it comes to your carpet cleaning.

Do you think a cheap carpet cleaner turning up in a family car, with a little cheap carpet cleaning machine like the ones at Woolworths is going to do a good job cleaning your carpets?

Don’t think so.

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