07 Jul 2014

How to easily remove spots and spills.

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How to remove spots and spills from your carpets

From red wine stains, to finger-paint and even cat urine, our carpets put up with a lot over the years. But with a little help from River City Carpet Cleaning, they can be looking, smelling and feeling as good as new in no time.

At River City Carpet Cleaning we can clean your whole home at a competitive rate but if you are just after some advice on how to remove spots and spills from your carpet we can help with that too!

When it comes to accidental stains on your carpet, speed is paramount. If you wait too long there is a high chance the substance will have embedded itself into the carpet fibres making it a permanent stain which is the last thing you want.Red stain on carpet

A quick look on the internet will give you hundreds of solutions for carpet stains, but here at River City Carpet Cleaning we have a few favourites of our own, that used with caution can get you out of trouble:

*  One half teaspoon of laundry detergent mixed with 500ml of luke warm water – best for butter, chocolate, tea, grease, oil and blood stains

*  White vinegar mixed with the same amount of water – great for removing urine out of carpet

*  Soda Water – great for red wine, juice and soft drink stains. Soda water can also be used for getting rid of mildew.

When cleaning spots and spills from your carpet it is important to remove any excess solids before you start, and use a blotting action to prevent the stain from smearing.

Other handy tips:

* To remove wax from carpet place a paper towel on the effected area. Gently run a hot iron over the towel until the wax or oil sticks to the paper towel.

* To remove nail polish from your carpet, use a tiny bit of nail polish remover on an old rag and blot the area.

Its always best to use a professional carpet cleaning company like River City Carpet Cleaning for stain removal.

If you have a spot or stain that you just can’t remove, get in touch with us today and we will see what we can do to help!


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