28 Mar 2019

Carpets, like all other dyed textiles, will slowly
lose color over time when exposed to direct
sunlight. Carpet should be protected from
prolonged periods of direct sunlight with
curtains, blinds, shades or awnings and
furniture moved periodically to expose all areas

Fume fading under a mat in front of the fire place

Color change can also occur as the result of
ozone, emissions from heating fuels, fireplaces and airconditioners, pesticides, cleaning agents, benzol peroxide and other household items.
Care should be taken when using these items.

The occurrence, known as ozone damage, is
largely unexplained, but appears to be more
prevalent in coastal areas with a high
ultra-violet content. Some colors are more
susceptible than others. If you believe there
may be a risk of ozone damage, please
discuss your choice with your carpet retailer.
It is not considered to be a manufacturing
defect and does not effect the performance of
the carpet.

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