07 Dec 2014

Carpet cleaning and the enviroment.

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Carpet cleaning professionals having many factors to think about when they own and manage a carpet cleaning business. The effect that there business has on the environment is one of the many important factors that any business owner must be aware of. With a carpet cleaning business there are a couple of things that have an impact on the environment.

The amount of water used when carpet cleaning.

Carpet steam cleaning or hot water extraction uses very little water. Don’t believe environmentally friendlywhat ‘dry carpet cleaning companies’ tell you. The amount of water we use when cleaning your carpets would be no more than that used by a typical load of clothes washing. Not only do we use low amounts of water but we also make our own hot water. That’s right, our carpet cleaning machines use the ‘free heat’ generated by our truck-mount carpet cleaning machines to produce hot water and steam to kill germs and allergens in your carpets.

Choosing quality carpet cleaning chemicals¬† –¬† safe vs effective.

These days there are plenty of safe and effective carpet cleaning shampoos and detergents available that are made to be environmentally friendly. These detergents need to be non toxic and have a low impact in the environment. They need to break down readily and not cause any harm to people, pets and wildlife. With a bit of research and investigation its easy to be able to purchase not only safe carpet cleaning detergents and cleaning agents but also ones that are effective in getting the job done.

Waste water.

Our carpet cleaning services use a very small amount of water, and we choose the right cleaning detergents to use whist cleaning your carpets. Now what happens with the dirty water once we have finished cleaning your carpets. With our truck-mount cleaning machines the used water is discharged out of our special waste water holding tank onto your gardens and lawn. Because we have taken the right steps in using biodegradable detergents and shampoos it’s quite safe to disperse the used water onto your lawns and gardens. By letting your gardens and lawns filter this used water, it provides us with a complete strategy to safely and responsibly manage the waste water created by our carpet cleaning services.

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