07 Sep 2014

What is “A Professional Carpet Cleaner”.

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Many things make a professional carpet cleaner. Everything from experience, training, equipment that they use, and even attitude. From the moment you book your carpet cleaner to the time that you receive your receipt you should experience a easy, pleasant and professional carpet cleaning experience. I want to talk about some things that may go unnoticed during your carpet cleaning appointment that a professional carpet cleaning company should perform.

Professional carpet cleaners have to perform most of there work inside your home. They need to be considerate, careful and be aware of the environment they are working in and the people, including children and pets that are around them.

River City Carpet Cleaning are always careful around your home or business while performing the carpet cleaning job. We think its the little things that count.

Keeping hoses neat and tidy.

Where ever possible we keep our hoses neat and tidy. We will keep them close to walls and away from main walk ways. River CiProtecting walls with corner guards.ty Carpet Cleaning also use special corner guards that prevent our hoses from damaging any walls or corners. While we are out on other carpet cleaning jobs we notice walls that have had hoses dragged around corners leaving scuffed and damaged skirting boards.

Preventing Future stains.

Other things that professional carpet cleaners should do is protect your carpets from future damage. By placing plastic tabs beneath furniture legs with the furniture that has to be placed directly back on the freshly cleaned carpets will prevent permanent marks on your carpets. These type of marks are very difficult to remove if this was to happen.

Furniture tabs under furniture feet





Slippery floors.

Professional carpet cleaners use cleaning shampoos and detergents to clean your carpets. These will cause your tiled floors to become very slippery if water and detergent accidentally goes onto the tiles. Most professionals will carry a small white towel to clean this up if it happens. Also the carpet cleaning technicians will remind anyone present that the tiled areas can become slippery especially while walking of the freshly cleaned carpets onto the tiled areas. So often we see people tip toeing fast through the freshly cleaned carpeted room so as not to get the cleaned carpet dirty, and then nearly slip over as soon as they reach the tiled areas.

Keeping the carpet cleaning tools safe.

Another point professional carpet cleaners should keep in mind is for the carpet cleaning tools such as the wand should not be leaned up against the walls. All it takes is for the vacuum hose or solution hose to get caught up and pull the wand over. These wands are heavy and will cause damage to walls and whatever else they crash into should they fall over. Wands should always be place on the floor as to ensure they can’t be knocked over.


So there are many things that make a carpet cleaner professional. These are just a few things that may go unnoticed during your Professional carpet cleaning appointment if you were to consider using River City Carpet Cleaning.

River City Carpet cleaning service the Ipswich Qld, Springfield Lakes , Forest lake and surrounding areas.

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