09 Apr 2015

Advantages of being a regular carpet cleaning customer.

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As you would expect, we have a lot of repeat and referral carpet cleaning customers. These type of customers are very special to us. They help our business to grow and give us the confidence to purchase new equipment and machinery. Using good equipment helps us to continue to give great service to our special repeat customers. Here i have listed some of the advantages of being a loyal and repeat customer.carpetwanding

Accidental spills and emergencies.

Our loyal customers always have priority when booking in their carpet cleaning appointments. We often schedule them in when it suits them. If they have an emergency like an accidental spill and we can’t talk them through it over the phone, then we would have no hesitations in fitting them in on the next available appointment time. Maybe one of the family members have been ill the night before, then we would be able to sort out there problems that very same day.

 Little extras included.

Another benefit of being a regular customer would be having little extras thrown in. Most of our regulars receive little extras like a small rug cleaned, or maybe a couple of spots on their  lounge suite cleaned up, or like we did yesterday – cleaning one of our regular customers carpeted cat scratching pole.  lol. Yes having a great relationship with your local carpet cleaner will get you little extras thrown in.

Great rates.

Most of our regulars receive great prices on all of there carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and pest control needs. We try not to increase there prices too much year to year. We appreciate and understand that our regulars are the core of our business and the reason why we strive to do the best job possible .

Advice and tips.

Because we build great relationships with our customers we get to talk to them about any tips that we pick up along the way. With our daily work, we talk to all sorts of customers from all different backgrounds. We learn heaps of tips and stories from our other customers and get to pass these on.


I suppose one of the biggest things our regular customers get to receive from us is the confidence to trust in us. They often let us into their homes while they aren’t there to carry out our cleaning duties. This helps them save time, by letting us in to do their carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning while they get on with their day. By the time they get back from work or shopping they get to enjoy there freshly cleaned carpets without us disturbing there day too much.

If you would like to become one of our regular carpet cleaning customers and receive these benefits then contact River City Carpet Cleaning today. We have carpet cleaning solutions for our customers in Ipswich, Springfield Lakes and Forest Lake suburbs.


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