24 Aug 2014

Upholstery cleaning furniture such as lounge suites, dining chairs, office chairs, sofas and couches can be difficult. It’s very easy to over wet and leave brown water marks when cleaned incorrectly. Many factors can cause unwanted results when upholstery is cleaned by inexperienced cleaners. River city carpet cleaning clean fabric upholstered lounge suites, sofas and chairs on a daily basis so there is not many things we have not seen.  Here we will explain what tools and detergents that are required to get your lounge suites and sofas clean, fresh and dry with out any problems.

Upholstery cleaning detergents.

Most fabric upholstery material is thin unlike carpet flooring. Special fabric upholstery cleaning shampoos are needed that clean effectively but do not over wet the fabric. Carpet cleaning shampoos are designed to penetrate deep into the pile of the carpets, so if you would use these type of shampoos, then the fabric of the upholstery would get too wet and cause problems such as browning or even mold and mildew setting in. Upholstery cleaners on the other hand are designed to sit on top of the fabric where the soils and grease are dissolved without over wetting the fabric and foam on the lounge suites and couches.

Upholstery cleaning tools.upholstery cleaning tool

Using the right tools to clean upholstery is important. Upholstery cleaning tools are designed to safely clean fabric upholstery without over wetting the fabric and foam. Its really important to not over wet fabric furniture. If the furniture is left too wet then browning can occur, leading to problems of unsightly brown watermarks and even mold and mildew taking hold of the foam and fabric. With the proper upholstery cleaning tools being used, the soils, grease, dirt and stains can be rinsed thoroughly out of the fabric and the furniture can be back in use within a few hours.

Drying times.

Most freshly cleaned upholstery should be dry in a few hours. To speed up the drying process, the furniture can be towel dried and fans placed to allow steady airflow over the cleaned furniture. Any loose cushions could be placed outside to dry  which would also speed up the drying times. Expect fabric upholstery to be dry within a few hours. For further information regarding upholstery cleaning contact  River City Carpet Cleaning Ipswich.

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