How to get rid of ants around the home

If you have a plague of ants in your home then here are some tips that may help. Ants are mainly attracted to two things. Water and food. Most times when we see bad ant problems there is normally a moisture problem. Places like the kitchen can have both problems. Leaking taps, dishwashers and even.. read more →

Spring is here and pest control enquiries are rising.

Spring is well and truly here. With the weather warming up, our pest control enquiries are rising. Now is the time to get these pest problems under control before they start breeding. It’s far easier to control a small pest problem then when they get out of control. At the moment the two main pest.. read more →

Mice need warm places to sleep as well.

Keeping Rats and mice out. Winter is here and its getting cold. Our pest control service guys are busy at the moment with an increase in our customers noticing rats and mice entering their homes. With the cold days and nights now, rats and mice are choosing your home as a  nice warm place to.. read more →

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