Carpet Cleaning in winter.

Carpet cleaning in winter. Our local Ipswich carpet cleaning customers have been asking us lately if there carpets will take forever to dry with the colder days that winter brings. Every time I hear this I have a little laugh to myself. Places like England, North America and Europe all need there carpets cleaned and.. read more →

Truck-mount carpet cleaning

Truck-Mount Carpet Cleaning What is truck mount carpet cleaning? A truck-mount carpet cleaning machine is a petrol driven carpet cleaning machine that is permanently fixed in either a van or small truck. These type of carpet cleaning machines are powerful cleaning machines capable of achieving large amounts of very hot water and huge vacuum suction.. read more →

Carpet steam cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning  Carpet steam cleaning proves to be the much superior choice in the carpet cleaning industry. With a unique heating system, longer lasting deep clean,the ability to kill germs, bacteria, and dust mites, safe-bio-degradable cleaning agents, residue free finish, rapid drying time, and hot water extraction and rinsing prove to support all the arguments.. read more →

Keep your carpet looking great for longer

When it comes to carpet cleaning there are three main types of soil that can accumulate in your carpets. Soil is defined by anything that is foreign to the carpet construction.   1. Water Soluble –  food, sugars, starches,salt and fluids.   2. Solvent Soluble – Grease, tar, cooking oils, inks.   3. Insoluble –.. read more →

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