Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control Ipswich

One of our main carpet cleaning services in Ipswich is bond carpet cleaning and pest control. If your leasing your property and have had pets live there as well, then more than likely you will need to have a pest treatment performed as well as the carpet cleaning. This helps to ensure the new tenant.. read more →

Ipswich carpet cleaning service area.

Ipswich Carpet Cleaners Our carpet cleaners service all Ipswich Suburbs. If you need end of lease carpet cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning or Pest Control services than contact River City Carpet Cleaning. If your looking for a carpet cleaning company to clean carpets in the suburbs north of Ipswich then call River city carpet cleaning.  North Ipswich.. read more →

Ipswich Carpet Cleaners

Our Ipswich carpet cleaners have been busy this week.  We have had numerous jobs helping our Ipswich carpet cleaning customers get there house ready for a rental property inspection. To keep your Ipswich property manager happy there are just a few basic things that need to be done prior to there arrival. Mow the lawns.. read more →

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