24 Jan 2017

Removing red stains from carpet – Creaming soda

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Today we were asked to remove a red stain from a bedroom carpet. This particular stain was about three months old. The reason why It was left for three months is common issue we come across. The teenager of the house spilt a softdrink (creaming soda) and not wanting to get into trouble, decided to change his room around and hide the stain under the furniture.

Red stain removal

The earlier a stain is addressed the better chance for full removal. Not being treated for three months does make it a little more difficult to remove. On the plus side the customer didn’t use any store bought cleaners which can sometimes set the stain and make red stain removal impossible.


River city carpet cleaning Ipswich use a steamer to super heat our stain removers, This is the safest  way to remove dye stains without damaging carpets. The trick to removing dyes from carpet flooring is to know when to stop treatments. If you go to far the the colour of the carpet can start to come out. We always advise our customers that when doing these advanced stain removal techniques that colour loss can happen. This varies with the different types of carpet materials and how hard it is to remove a particular dye stain.

River city carpet cleaning Ipswic

Now this stain we managed to remove about 90 percent of the red colouring and customer was very happy. We manage to turn a dark red stain in the middle of the walkway into a very light mark that is hardly noticable.

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