31 Aug 2019

How to remove urine from carpet flooring.

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This “how to remove urine from carpet” article could be real handy if you have an adorable and cute kitten or puppy. Sooner or later you will have to clean up an accidental wee on the carpet floor.

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There are three main steps that need to be done to remove urine from carpet.

  1. Remove excess urine. Use paper towels to soak up the excess urine. You want to remove as much as possible before it gets a chance to go down deep into the carpet pile. Don’t rub or scrub the area as further damage could be done.
  2. Neutralise remaining urine. There is a couple of ways to do this. One would be to use an acid type urine cleaner. Using an acid cleaner allows the urine to be more easily removed from the carpet when using a flushing method. Another way would be to use an enzyme type of urine remover. Enzyme cleaners work by digesting the bacteria from the urine deposits.
  3. Flushing the urine spot. The next step involves flushing the area with copious amounts of water or sometimes even adding an acid rinse to the flushing solution. This helps remove as much as possible of the urine stain from the carpets.

Here is a short video River city carpet cleaning on removing urine from the carpet. Here we find and mark out the urine deposits with a moisture meter. Then we treat the area thoroughly with a urine treatment solution. Then we flush the carpet with out water claw extraction tool.

So what can happen if urine isn’t removed from the carpet properly? Well the first problem would be the smell. Nothing worse than the smell of urine. It won’t go away by itself. And even if it does get better as the stain dries out, it will return on wet and humid days.

Urine stains can become permanent yellow stains. Urine starts of on the acid side of the Ph scale. This is not much of a problem to begin with. But as the urine stain gets older its Ph balance turns to the alkaline side of the scale. This starts to chemically change carpet fibers to a yellow colour. Typically wool type carpets can be affected the most.

Yellowing caused by urine in carpet
Yellowing caused by urine in carpet

Reoccurring stains. When the carpets get saturated with urine then the stains can become hard to remove permanently. They tend to rise back up after cleaning. Normally these heavy stains can reappear within days or weeks. They may take a couple of cleanings to fully remove. For the best chance of full removal then a thorough flushing is advised

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