05 Nov 2014

Spring is here and pest control enquiries are rising.

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Spring is well and truly here. With the weather warming up, our pest control enquiries are rising. Now is the time to get these pest problems under control before they start breeding. It’s far easier to control a small pest problem then when they get out of control. At the moment the two main pest problems we are asked to treat are for ants and cockroaches. Ants can be unsightly, as well as a nuisance. Controlling ants is best done in a two pronged attack. The first step is to find the nest and to thoroughly apply treatments to eradicate the whole nest. The next step is to apply a barrier to repel any further ant activity.

Cockroaches love the warmer weather. They love hot, humid areas and are often found in places like under the kitchen sink and around the dishwasher. These places offer protection, moisture, and warmth. These three things help cockroaches breed faster than you can say – oh no we have cockroaches.

german cockroach droppings

Unpleasant cockroach droppings on the cupboard doors

german cockroach droppings.

Cockroach treatments often involve the dishwasher

Now if you need an annual pest control treatment or have a particular pest control problem call River City Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control for a quote. Our pest control services include Ipswich Qld, Springfield Lakes and Forest Lake areas. All of our pest treatments are safe for your family and pets, but if you have any concerns then just give us a call and we will explain how we conduct our pest control treatments and the types of treatments we use.

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