25 Jun 2014

Mice need warm places to sleep as well.

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Keeping Rats and mice out.

Winter is here and its getting cold. Our pest control service guys are busy at the moment with an increase in our customers noticing rats and mice entering their homes. With the cold days and nights now, rats and mice are choosing your home as a  nice warm place to set up their home. You may be noticing strange scratching noises coming from your ceiling at night . This is a sure sign that you may have a family or two of mice living in your roof void.

I have noticed rats or mice in my home – what can i do.Little mouse picture

Well you could go down to your local hardware store and buy some bait to throw in your roof to control rats and mice.  This may get rid of a few mice in your house, but keeping in mind that mice can multiply fast. Female mice only take 3 weeks to have a litter of between 4 to 12 babies. Then they can become pregnant again only 12 hours after giving birth . You need to have a plan to not only get rid of the mice that you have at the moment, but to prevent mice from wanting to live in your home and be able to enter your home.

Inspecting your home.

The first step is to work out why you have mice in your home. A thorough inspection of your building is required to work out how and why they are choosing your house as their home. Experience plays a huge part in working out plans to ensure you home is free of rats and mice. After inspecting your home, a plan is made up to exterminate these rodents and block their entrances.

Baiting programs.

The next step is to select a safe and effective program to get rid of the mice in your home. We use tamper proof bait stations if bait is placed inside your home so that children and pets can’t access the bait. Otherwise the bait will be placed in places that are out of reach.

Blocking their access into your home.

Little hole the mice use to get in your home.

Little hole in the skirting board that mice have made to get into your home.

Its important to wait till all the mice have been exterminated before closing up the entrances that they used to gain access to your home. With our Pest control services we find and explained how to block these entrance points to you home. Once these entrance points are closed, up the rodents won’t be able to access your home again.


Rat and mice control.

River city carpet cleaning and pest control have a comprehensive rat and mice control strategy to not only rid your home of mice, but to prevent them from coming back. We will inspect your property to see where they are getting in your home. Suggest ways to prevent them getting in.  Advise on ways to reduce food sources for rodents and apply a strategic and safe baiting program to remove rodents from your home.  As you can see there is more to keeping mice out of your home then just throwing bait in your roof.

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