11 Mar 2014

Getting Rid of Fleas

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Flea Problems ?

Have you just moved into your new house and been attacked by fleas, or maybe even come back from a holiday and as soon as you enter your house, millions of fleas jump all over you attacking and biting leaving nasty red bumps and lumps all over. It’s an awful feeling, and even experienced pest controllers shiver at the thought of being bitten all over by angry, hungry fleas.

Before you call your local pest control company there are a few things that can be done that may help eradicate those nasty fleas.

Wooden floorboards on a verandah

These type of wooden floor boards are the perfect breeding ground for flea larvae.

The first step in getting rid of fleas is to thoroughly vacuum all cracks and crevices. Vacuuming does two things. Firstly it encourages fleas to hatch from there eggs. This is important as most treatments cannot penetrate the eggs so we need to hatch out as many fleas as possible. Secondly, flea larvae feed on dry blood crystals that normally fall of pets etc as the adults fleas feed on their hosts. These blood crystals get into cracks, crevices, between floorboards, pavers and carpets etc. This is where you will find most flea eggs and larvae.

The next step is to ensure all pets are treated with the appropriate treatments such as advantage or comfortis, as adult fleas will need to feed on your pets blood to reproduce.

Next apply a residual insecticide to kill any adult fleas that are present. Pest controllers have access to insect growth regulators as well as insecticides, which give a dual affect to kill adult fleas and flea larvae and interrupt the flea breeding cycle.

Patience is the next step. It can take up to four weeks to eradicate a large flea population. But the initial treatment will kill a great percentage of fleas which should give good relief and then the number of fleas should decrease over the next few weeks. If the fleas numbers are getting larger then a pest controller should be contacted to help get the fleas under control.

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