21 May 2017

How to get rid of Spiders around the home.

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Redback spidersThere’s nothing worse than cleaning out the shed and coming across redback spiders. Redback spiders are very common around the Ipswich to Springfield Lakes area and strike fear in just about everyone.

Annual pest treatments are the best solution to keeping redback and other types of spiders at bay. Regular treatments and inspections  will stop spiders from making your home, their home.

Basically there are two groups of spiders that each have their own type of treatment that the pest controller must be aware of.

The first group would be the spiders that roam around hunting their prey. An example of this type of spider would be a huntsman spider. They generally like to hide behind bookcases, furniture, paintings and pictures.  To eradicate these type of spiders a targeted treatment to their hiding places are needed. They might be scary looking due to their size, huntsman spiders aren’t venomous and are best left alone.

The second group of spiders are the ones that live in webs. These spiders are easier to find, which make treatments a little easier. Typical examples would be garden orbweaver spiders, redbacks, St Andrews cross, leaf-curling spider.

With all spider treatments the most effective solution to eradicate them is direct application of insecticides. Because spiders have such tiny feet, relying on spiders crawling across treated areas will give very limited control. Don’t pull down cobwebs before pest treatments and leave the webs until at least seven days after treatments.

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