28 May 2015

How to fix a broken recliner chair handle.

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Fixing a broken recliner handle.

Well, we have all done it. Your sitting in your comfy recliner chair. Your favourite television program is about to start and you reach for your recliner handle and pop, there she goes. You have just broken the handle on your recliner chair. Bugger.

Don’t despair. River city carpet cleaning Ipswich have the answer.

Broken handles on recliner chairs are cheap and easy to fix yourself. The only tools you will need would be a phillips head screw driver and maybe a pair of pliers. Now there are a couple of different types of handles so its best to pull the old one out first. Just hold back the handle and there should be two little screws holding the handle onto the chair. Undo these two screws and then either turn the chair over, or tip it onto its side so you can access the underneath of the recliner chair.

Lounge suite recliner handle

Recliner handle

Now locate the end of the cable that runs from the handle. there should be a little black plastic cable holder clip. Just squeeze this cable holder and pull it out of the metal recliner actuator. Now just pull the end of the cable out of the little hole on the actuator and then the whole cable assembly can be removed from the chair.

Recliner plastic cable clip

Black plastic cable holder clip

Cable end

Cable end

Now where to get a new cable?

You could try eBay and order a new cable or just go to your local upholsterer. I get all my spare upholstery parts from www.actionupholstery.com.au/ .They carry all the different types of spare parts, including cables and you can pick them up fairly cheap.

Installation is just the opposite to the removal. Slide the cable into the hole where the handle was. Pop the cable end into the hole on the actuator. Clip the black plastic clip into the actuator. Screw the handle onto the recliner chair using the two screws. There you go, new handle and the recliner is ready to go again. Easy.

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