Fleas as pests


Why fleas are considered pests.
The significant pest status that fleas as pests have achieved is largely attributable to their biting habit, which may cause mild to severe irritation or serve to transmit diseases.
Great variations in the degree of irritation exist between individuals. The irritation, which can persist for days, is due to the injection of saliva, which acts as an anticoagulant. Typically, a cluster of bites occur, and these usually develop into a small red-dish halo but seldom with any swelling. In Brisbane it is the frequency of bites, which may occur indoors or outdoors and irritate to the extent where control measures are sought.

Flea Treatments
Effective control of fleas relies on well directed application of chemical insecticides and / or insect growth regulators, backed up by procedures that the client undertakes to help make the environment less suitable for the development of fleas.
Where animals are concerned, their role should not be overlooked. Any serious attempt at flea control must take into account the complexity of the problem. By inspecting the premises, and/or questioning the occupants the pest control operator should gain some idea of the extent of the infestation.
Treatment involves firstly making sure all pet hairs are thoroughly vacuumed from cracks and crevices such as and not limited to – floor board gaps, decking and paver gaps, gaps between concrete slabs and carpeting (fleas and eggs tend to fall through carpeting which makes the treatment take longer to achieve total eradication). Next, a targeted flea treatment spray is applied to these known areas where fleas are located.
Total eradication of fleas can take up to four weeks to achieve as most treatments target the adult flea and the flea eggs need to hatch before they become susceptible to the flea treatment. For more information about our flea treatment and warranty download our FLEA BROCHURE

Flea species.
Cat flea – The most common pest flea in many regions. In addition to cats, it is known to attack dogs, rats, humans and other animals.
Dog flea – This is very similar in appearance to the cat flea but seems to be less associated with humans. It attacks a wide variety of mammals.
Human flea – This is becoming less associated with humans since the advent of the vacuum cleaner and other housekeeping aids. It also attacks dogs, pigs, rats and mice. It is often associated with piggeries.

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