Cockroaches as pests


Why cockroaches are considered pests.
Cockroaches may contaminate food products, utensils and various other areas with droppings, cast skins, empty egg cases, dead cockroaches and vomit marks on surfaces.dead cockroach with egg sack

Where a substantial cockroach infestation exists, an unpleasant odour may develop owing to secretions from the mouth and cuticle. This is nearly always associated with german cockroaches.

Annoyance or fear.
Many people are annoyed or are fearful by the sight of cockroaches. This may be from the fast and unpredictable scurrying movements of cockroaches.

Disease transmission
Cockroaches carry diseases of humans. Although cockroaches have never been irrefutably proved to have transmitted pathogenic diseases to humans, several factors point to the likelihood that they play a important role in transmission of diseases:
– Cockroaches often dwell in environments that support the growth of organisms causing diseases harmful to humans.
– The same cockroaches may contact various surfaces (including food) in kitchens and food processing or handling facilities.
– Cockroaches are known to carry, on their cuticle and in their gut and faeces, disease organisms of humans. Each cockroach may typically carry several million bactera on or inside their body.

Cockroach control
Effective cockroach control in and around buildings often relies on:

– a comprehensive inspection / survey of the buildings.
– a high standard of sanitation.
– the application of insecticides in a manner that makes likley their contact with the target insects; and
– follow-up inspection and monitoring(that may involve the use of traps in some situations).

Cockroach identification.
German cockroach – adult body length 12-15 mm – Light amber-brown with 2 dark longitudinal stripes on pronotum.
American cockroach – adult body length 35-40 mm – Reddish brown,legs paler,pale yellow border around pronotum.
Australian cockroach – adult body length 30-35 mm – Brown with clearly defined yellow border around pronotum and foremargin of forewings distinctly yellow. Wings cover abdomen.
Brownbanded cockroach – adult body length 10-14 mm – Pale brown to black. Female has reduced wings. Male is fully winged.

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