13 May 2018

Upholstery Cleaning Ipswich

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Our upholstery cleaning in the Ipswich and the surrounding suburbs are done to the highest standards. We don’t take shortcuts when we clean your Upholstery cleaning Ipswichupholstery furniture. We take great pride in getting your furniture upholstery cleaned and looking great.

Lounge suites, dining chairs, sofas, couches, ottomans are carefully and thoroughly cleaned. River city carpet cleaning will freshen up and sanitise your furniture to get rid of unwanted odours, smells and stains. We easily get rid of sweat and perspiration stains and the associated odours. Having your furniture cleaned and freshened up is an inexpensive way to get your furniture looking great.

Having your lounge suite professionally cleaned takes about 1.5 hrs, and only a few hours to dry. Most of the time, the first piece of furniture cleaned is nearly dry by the time we have completed the whole lounge suite cleaning.

We use upholstery cleaning tools that don’t over wet the fabrics. Combined with our gentle, but effective upholstery cleaning detergents and hot rinsing solutions your upholstery is cleaned efficiently and safely.
Our experienced Ipswich upholstery cleaning technicians clean hundreds of pieces of furniture every year. We pride ourselves on our great upholstery cleaning services.


Identifying the type of fabric on your furniture is very important., Our experts will determine the correct detergents/shampoos and cleaning techniques to be used. We will give you a professional evaluation with the expected results and point out any stains that are deemed permanent. Most lounge suites are made out of hardy materials so stains are not usually a problem.

Pre-Treating the Fabric:

Once the type of fabric is determined, the correct cleaning solution is applied. PH balanced for your fabric type, the cleaning solution will soften and loosen the soil, sweat and stains.For the tuff spots and stains we have a range of  spotting products that can lift even the toughest stains.

Hand Agitation:

For additional loosening of soil and stains your upholstery receives a gently brushing with soft upholstery brushes.

Rinse and Extraction:

A gentle, controlled rinse and extraction cycle are applied to remove all soil, solutions and detergents from the furniture. We will leave your upholstery clean, fresh and soft to the feel.
With our upholstery cleaning methods your upholstered furniture will be ready for use within a couple of hours.

To get your upholstered furniture clean again, without any fuss then call River City Carpet Cleaning to book in this great cleaning service.

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