02 Jul 2019

How to remove stains from carpet

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Here are some great tips from River city carpet cleaning Ipswich on how to remove stains from carpet.

Use the right carpet cleaning spotter solution.

To get stains out of carpet easily you need use the correct spotting solution. Its best to start off using a neutral ph spotting solution. This will prevent any harm coming to the carpets. Wool carpets especially are high ph sensitive, and when high ph spotters are used on wool carpets damage can occur.

Blotting not scrubbing.

The next issue that can cause irreversible damage is scrubbing the stain. You need to do gentle blotting actions to remove the stain. Excessive scrubbing won’t help the stain to come out. Blotting the stain without using excessive moisture is key to having success on removing the stain.

Don’t try and get it the stain out in one go.

Be patient when trying to remove carpet stains. You will have more success if you take your time. Do a little bit, then wait for it to dry. Then repeat the process over a couple of days. This prevents over wetting the carpets which can lead to more staining problems.

Drying the cleaned area.

When removing stains from carpets you can speed up the process by using a fan or even a hairdryer to speed up the drying. Just be careful not to have the hairdryer set on too high of a heat setting. You don’t want to melt or damage the carpet fibres.

When to call the professional.

It is best to call a professional carpet cleaner than to diy spot removal Sometimes the stains can be set when using different types of spotting solutions. A professional and experienced carpet cleaner will have a better chance to get your carpets back to normal if attempts to remove the stain havn’t been done already. They will advise you over the phone on what to do to before they arrive so the best outcome can be achieved.

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