01 Jun 2018

Five reasons to have your carpets cleaned in winter.

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You spend more time indoors.
With the cooler days and nights we tend to spend more time indoors. What’s better than a slow cooked meal in winter followed by some relaxing carpet cleaning in wintermovies in your warm and inviting lounge room. Its worth it to keep your carpets and upholstery clean and fresh for those cool winters day and nights in.

Pets spend more time indoors.
Don’t forget to keep your pets warm. I am sure they would prefer to be indoors on them cold and windy nights. Keep on top of any mishaps should they occur. Carpet cleaning and deodorising will keep odours at bay.

Low humidity = fast dry times.
Believe it or not but carpets can dry faster in the winter months. Does your skin and lips dry out more in the cooler months. Every second television commercial on during winter promotes skin moisturising. The reason is low humidity. Low humidity also helps carpet to dry just as fast as it does in the summer months.

Great carpet cleaning specials.
Carpet cleaning is normally the busiest during the summer period. Normally great carpet cleaning specials can be had during the cooler months. Why not organise to have your cleaning done during the winter months to take advantage of great carpet cleaning specials.

Nothing like clean carpets.
There is nothing like coming home to fresh clean carpets. If your getting tired of looking at dirty carpets and upholstery then give River city carpet cleaning a call. Because you spend a lot more time indoors carpets do get dirty quicker. We can get rid of all the spots and stains and make spending time indoors much more pleasant.

For more information contact River city carpet cleaning Ipswich.

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