23 Mar 2017

The benefits of steam cleaning your carpets

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The Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning

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Just about this time every Autumn, I realise how dirty my carpet in the kids lounge room is getting. After a troop of adolescent kids come in from football, netball and general playing around outside, we track a lot of mud in! Add to that, this is the room where the kids entertain friends, soft drinks and snacks are consumed and of course my dog likes to hang out here as well. You get the picture.

So usually in March, I get to steam clean my own carpets. The place smells fresh after I have steam cleaned the carpets and the carpet always comes up good as new! . So here’s a  post from a professional on the best way to clean your carpets. Think of carpet cleaning as a seasonal clean out and set appointments for the Autumn and spring to keep your carpets looking good. It also gives you a chance to move furniture out & around to spruce up your rooms.

When it comes to carpet cleaning nearly all the carpet manufacturers are in agreement that the absolute best way to accomplish this task is by using hot water extraction, or what is otherwise known as “deep steam cleaning. “ Dry cleaning is usually not recommended because the results are nowhere as good.

Deep Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning.

Deep steam cleaning is a method of carpet steam cleaning that is really nothing more than the extraction of hot water, but there is a great deal of steam involved.  What is called a truck-mounted is a hot water extraction machine that uses high pressure to force near boiling hot water into the carpet, and then with strong vacuums it proceeds to pull out the water, dirt, debris, etc.  Don’t be fooled by the dry cleaning advertising. Your carpets are left damp to touch and will be dry in a couple of hours.That essentially sums up this simple but effective method of carpet cleaning.

One method of dry cleaning uses a dry foam or shampoo which is poured onto the carpet, given time to dry, and then, with no rinsing, pulled into a vacuum.  Much dirty residue is left behind in the carpet.

Dry cleaning can also be done by placing a large cotton bonnet on the carpet and using a buffer machine, the same one used for polishing floors, to buff the carpet.  While it’s more work than dry foam, the dirt and residue are still left behind in the carpet.

Lastly there’s the absorbent powder.  A moist, absorbent powder is spread throughout the carpet, left to dry and then pulled into a vacuum.  Because the carpet is not rinsed, much dirt and residue are left behind, so this too is not a very thorough cleaning.

Benefits of Deep Steam Cleaning

The benefits of steam cleaning your carpet are many:

The extremely high heat does an excellent job of eliminating bacteria, dust mites, fungus, and mold.  They don’t stand a chance against this way of cleaning your carpet.  This is why it is considered the healthiest manner to clean a carpet.

There is no soapy residue left behind, provided the carpet steam cleaning is performed properly.  And if you are dealing with a professional company, there is no reason that it shouldn’t be.  If there is a soapy residue left behind from the detergent that is used, it will serve to attract dirt, and that will make your carpet become dirty and need to be cleaned again even sooner.

The high-pressure steam is another advantage to this way of cleaning.  It penetrates downward all the way to the base of the carpet’s fibers, thus removing dirt that is embedded there.

The powerful vacuum system sucks up 95% of the wetness that is left behind, thus your carpet is left feeling damp to the touch, but not soaking wet.

Environmentally Safe

Steam cleaning is really a fantastic way to clean your carpet.  The heat involved is above 60 degrees Celsius, and every 10 degrees more that it is heated doubles the cleaning strength of the cleaning agents that are used.  Amazingly enough deep steam cleaning is done between 80 and 95 degrees.  Another benefit of this is that it uses much less of the cleaning agents on your carpet, which makes it a much healthier choice for the environment as opposed to dry cleaning.

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