09 Feb 2015

Carpet cleaning a community hall.

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Once a year we get asked to perform a carpet clean and pest control treatment to a large over 55’s village. The community hall has a large carpeted area that receives plenty of traffic from parties and functions. Of course there are plenty of spots and spills to take care of. Everything from coffee, soft drinks, food, and even unknown sticky things.

After a couple of hours of hard work these carpets came up great. All spots and stains were removed and the hall was left with a refreshing fragrance that lingered throughout the hall.



Next was the pest control treatment. We were asked to treat all the inside of the hall including the commercial kitchen and food storage areas. Walls, skirting boards, cupboards and cracks and crevices were treated for the usual suspects like cockroaches, spiders and ants.

Next we applied a full external treatment targeting spiders and ants etc. Guttering, windows, railings, lights, walls were all treated to provide a complete barrier to keep insects at bay.

The manager also asked if we could treat the street lighting as well. This helps keep insects under control at night when the insects are attracted to the lights.
Within a couple of hours of completing the job the hall was ready to use again with minimum disruption.

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