04 Jul 2017

Most of our carpet cleaning jobs are not too bad. But sometimes we come across very stained and dirty carpets. Often these types of carpet cleaning jobs are last resort types of cleaning.

If they don’t clean up satisfactorily then they may be replaced. With these types of difficult jobs we get to push the limits on our carpet cleaning machines performance, and also our carpet cleaning shampoos and stain removing techniques.

Dirty carpets IpswichThis type of carpet is a heavy duty berber carpet and came up quite good. Most of the stains were just spots and spills of a greasy nature and responded well to high heat and an enzyme based cleaning detergent. Our customer was quite happy with the results.

Clean carpets IpswichCarpet Cleaning Pet Stains.

Now this carpet cleaning job involved cleaning pet stains. This carpet  should really of been replaced, but the owners wanted to get just a bit more life out of them. After treating all of the spots with a pet stain cleaning solution, the carpets were flushed and extracted thoroughly to remove as much as possible any remaining  pet stain residues.

Pet stains IpswichPet stains removed Ipswich


We also clean rugs and mats, and get our fair share of well used ones. Most rugs are the first line of defence to keeping the floors underneath protected. This particular rug is a childrens play rug that has seen better days.

Ipswich rug cleaning

With the right shampoos and stain removers it came up great.

Ipswich rug cleaned

With a little bit of effort and the right cleaning chemistry most carpets and rugs can be salvaged. We service Ipswich – Springfield Lakes and Forest Lake areas. If you need a quality clean then call River City Carpet Cleaning Ph 0422 176312.




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