14 Apr 2016

dirty carpetSometimes carpet cleaning in Ipswich Qld we get asked to clean neglected and unloved carpets. We love the opportunity to get the big guns out to get the carpets looking great again.

This particular job we used an enzyme carpet cleaning shampoo to help break down all the food and drink spills. With a bit of dwell time, the carpet cleaning solutions break up the spills and stains so they can be easily extracted.

With the right carpet cleaning shampoo, the steaming hot water that the truck-mount carpet cleaning machine creates, plus strong vacuum. the carpets can be easily cleaned and restored to just as new again.

clean carpetAs you can see in the after photo the carpet has come up great. The carpets have dried in no time and all it needs is a spritz of deodoriser and this home is ready for a new tenant.



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