01 Mar 2016

Nylon carpet vs solution dyed nylon.

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carpetChoosing a quality carpet can be confusing. Nylon carpets are one of the best carpets for softness, stain protection and colour fastness. They resist attack from insects, are durable and often stains just come straight out. But there are different types of nylon carpets. Here we will explain the two basic types of nylon carpet.

Plain nylon carpet.

This is the cheaper option for nylon carpet. The yarns that make up this carpet when first made have no colour and are just white. Different colours are added after the yarn and/or carpets are made.

This has the advantage of being able to produce a vast amount of different colour carpets. Normally when you go to purchase plain nylon carpet it will come in a range of about 10 to 15 different colours.

To make this type of carpet more durable, often at the time of manufacturing stain resistant coatings are applied to help make this carpet more stain resistant.

If you haven’t got a huge budget for carpet this is a great choice. Just remember that the warranties for this type of carpet are only about 7 yrs.

Solution dyed nylon.

Solution dyed nylon carpet is one of the best carpets. This type of carpet is made out of coloured nylon polymer. This means the yarn is coloured all the way through the yarn. This type of carpet is very hard, if not impossible to bleach. Stains just normally come straight out of this type of carpet. We as carpet cleaners have more success getting difficult stains out of this type of carpet.

Solution dyed nylon carpet generally comes in a limited amount of the popular colours. The warranties with solution dyed nylon are normally around the 15 year mark. This type of carpet is ideally suited to rooms with large windows because of its fade resistance.

If you can stretch your budget to be able to afford this type of carpet, it would be a worthwhile investment.

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