13 Oct 2013

Our Ipswich carpet cleaners have been busy this week.  We have had numerous jobs helping our Ipswich carpet cleaning customers get there house ready for a rental property inspection. To keep your Ipswich property manager happy there are just a few basic things that need to be done prior to there arrival.

  • Mow the lawns and tidy up the gardens.
  • Clean the kitchen area and put away dishes.
  • Pick up clothes and toys etc from around the home.
  • Make sure the carpets are clean and there are no spots and stains.

Remember first impressions count.

If the house is tidy, and the carpets have been steam cleaned prior to their arrival it will give a good impression. Then there will not be the hassle of getting the carpets cleaned  and having the property manager come back to check that the carpets have been cleaned and spots and stains removed. Our Ipswich carpet cleaners are happy to help get the carpets cleaned, soft and freshly deodorised.

Ipswich Carpet Cleaners.

So if your looking to get your carpets cleaned for a property inspection, or maybe it’s just time to get them steam cleaned then give us a call and we can book in a suitable time for one of our friendly Ipswich carpet cleaners to come out to your home and help get your carpets cleaned. We are sure you will be impressed with your freshly cleaned and deodorised carpets.

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