12 Mar 2016

How to clean carpet in a room with furniture.

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Our Ipswich carpet cleaners often get asked how to get a room ready for carpet cleaning when it’s full of furniturecarpeted bedroom full of furniture. Most of the time our customers just need the carpet around the furniture cleaned. This is great, just pick up all the little stuff and maybe move a bedside table…no problems.

But what if you wanted to go to the next step and get all of the carpet cleaned in the room. Well you could move all the furniture out, and then it would be easy. But what if you have a large timber bed that doesn’t fit out the door and could take ages to disassemble.

We have a few tips here that could make cleaning the whole room of carpet easier.

The first step would be to move the easy furniture out like the bedside tables and lamps. Normally the easiest spot to put these would be the bathroom en suite.

Next would be to hang up the curtains so they don’t touch the carpet. This is important as the damp carpet could wick up into the curtains whilst the carpet is drying, and leave an unsightly stain on the bottoms of the curtains.

curtains hung up and out the way.Okay so now to remove the mattress from the bed. Its often not too difficult to remove the mattress and store it on the hard floor areas. Just lean it against a wall to keep it out of the way.

Next step is to move the bed to one side of the room to give you enough room to lift the bed up, and carefully lift it onto its side. Be careful of ceiling fans and light fittings when doing this.

king sized bed turned onto sideNow the whole room of carpet is accessible and can be easily cleaned. Sliding the bed across the floor while it’s on its side is very easy. Once the carpet has been cleaned the bed could be put back on its legs with some plastic protectors or even small sheets of foil to protect the damp carpet from furniture stains.

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