20 Feb 2016

Help….. bleach spots in my carpet

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Our carpet cleaning Ipswich team arrived to clean one of our customers carpets, and whilst doing our carpet cleaning pre-inspection were asked to have a look at some strange green marks that were appearing in the carpet. We identified the carpet as a nylon carpet, but not a solution dyed nylon carpet.

Because this particular carpet is not solution dyed, the colour is added after the yarn is made. This results in a carpet that can easily lose its colour, resulting in bleached spots, colour loss and this type of carpet usually has a poor fade warranty.

Bleached carpet

On a dark brown or chocolate colour carpet the original colour can disappear in stages. Usually starting off green, then turning yellow and finally when there is total colour loss it will turn white.

So what can cause this colour loss?

Bleached carpet can be caused by numerous things. Spills from bleach type agents such as window cleaner, some make up and make up removers, pimple creams containing benzol peroxide and chlorine.

Also weaknesses caused when manufacturing could also cause the carpet colours to “let go” prematurely, so the spots are not always caused by the home owners.

What can be done with bleach spots on the carpet?

There are a few remedies that can be done. The first would be to have the spots re dyed to the original colour. There are a few companies that can do this but this may have to be done regularly because this type of carpet will always have the risk of this happening again.

Another option would be to replace the spot with a carpet patch. This involves cutting out the offending spot and replacing with a donor piece of carpet maybe out of the closet or some other inconspicuous place.

Most people just tend to live with a few minor bleach spots in there carpet, maybe hiding them with a rug or two.

For more information on bleach spots or any other carpet cleaning problems call River city carpet cleaning on Ph. 0422 176312.

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