17 Jun 2011

River City Carpet Cleaning Blog

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Welcome to our Carpet Cleaning Blog.

The purpose of this blog is to help all of our customers by reaching out regularly with informative posts. This carpet cleaning blog will give tips about carpet cleaning and pest control subjects, as well as articles about carpet cleaning related topics that may be useful in helping our customers. Amongst the posts, blogs and articles there will be some funny videos and maybe jokes that we have found around the internet. If any of our customers wish to add anything to our blog or have a subject they wish we could address on our blog, then the best way would be to get in touch by our email address.



Why River City Carpet Cleaning.

Carpet cleaning van parked on the driveway.


At River City Carpet Cleaning, we believe in providing a high quality service at affordable prices. This is why our friendly team at River City Carpet Cleaning offer a range of value-for-money carpet cleaning services.
We go the extra mile to make your home feel and look fresh and healthy.

River City Carpet Cleaning uses high powered truck mount steam cleaning technology to thoroughly clean and sanitize your valuable carpets. Our truck mount carpet steam cleaning machine leaves your carpet cleaner, dryer and has the ability to remove more stains than other carpet cleaning systems. We include most spot / stain removal and deodorising services in our quoted prices and guarantee all our work.
We service  Forest Lake, Springfield Lakes and surrounding locations, so whether your buying or selling your home, vacating a rental property or just having a spring clean, we have a carpet cleaning service or pest control service to suit your needs.

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