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At River City Carpet Cleaning in Forest Lake, we offer carpet cleaning services ranging from general carpet cleaning services and end-of-lease carpet cleaning to stain removal and deodorising. Our friendly and experienced team have a wide range of quality carpet cleaning services at affordable prices.

• General Carpet Cleaning Forest Lake:

We have many regular customers in Forest Lake that trust us to take care of their carpet cleaning. We consider vacuuming your carpets an important first step in creating clean carpets. After your carpets are vacuumed we then apply our carpet cleaning pre-conditioners. These penetrate into the carpet fibres and help release the grease, dirt and soils from your carpets allowing for easy rinsing of your carpets. The carpets are then extracted leaving soft, fresh and walk on dry carpets and rugs. Carpets are generally ready for use in approximately 4- 8 hours depending on weather and air flow.

• End of Lease Carpet Cleaning:

To help ensure you receive all money owing to you at the end of your lease, we offer an end-of-lease carpet cleaning service. Most Forest Lake property leases require vacating tenants to have the carpets professionally cleaned and here at River City Carpet Cleaning we provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to save you time, money and stress. While some stains may be permanent, our industrial carpet cleaning equipment can make tough stains like soft drink, cordial, red wine and coffee disappear like magic!

• Carpet cleaning using a truck-mount:

We have invested into truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines. This type of carpet cleaner makes our job of cleaning your carpets easier. It supplies us with unlimited hot water to help dissolve and rinse the dirt and grime from your carpets leaving them clean, soft and walk on dry. Always ensure your carpet cleaning company uses a truck-mount carpet cleaning machine.

• Our Forest Lake Carpet Cleaning Services:
• End of Lease Carpet Cleaning.
• Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal.
• Truck-Mount Carpet Cleaning.
• Carpet Steam Cleaning.
• Carpet Cleaning and Deodorising.

River City Carpet Cleaning Experience

Our trained and experienced carpet cleaners are our strength. This makes it possible for us to provide the best services for our clients for the last 17 years with the guaranteed results. The team at River City Carpet Cleaning are known for their hard work, experience, and dedication. Our carpet cleaners are experts in every type of carpet cleaning. Our experienced team are always ready to serve. We offer services to Forest Lake and the surrounding areas.

We service all suburbs throughout Forest Lake including Doolandella, Heathwood, Ellen Grove, Durack and Oxley.
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