How to clean carpet in a room with furniture.

Our Ipswich carpet cleaners often get asked how to get a room ready for carpet cleaning when it’s full of furniture. Most of the time our customers just need the carpet around the furniture cleaned. This is great, just pick up all the little stuff and maybe move a bedside table…no problems. But what if.. read more →

Nylon carpet vs solution dyed nylon.

Choosing a quality carpet can be confusing. Nylon carpets are one of the best carpets for softness, stain protection and colour fastness. They resist attack from insects, are durable and often stains just come straight out. But there are different types of nylon carpets. Here we will explain the two basic types of nylon carpet… read more →

Help….. bleach spots in my carpet

Our carpet cleaning Ipswich team arrived to clean one of our customers carpets, and whilst doing our carpet cleaning pre-inspection were asked to have a look at some strange green marks that were appearing in the carpet. We identified the carpet as a nylon carpet, but not a solution dyed nylon carpet. Because this particular.. read more →

10 ways to keep your home free of dog hair

Rubber squeegee window wiper. Using a rubber squeegee window cleaning tool will effortlessly remove pet hair from carpets and upholstery. Wipe the rubber squeegee over the carpet or upholstery and the hair and fur rolls up into balls enabling easy removal. Damp sponge. Sometimes a damp sponge can make pet hair removal easy. Just be.. read more →

Christmas Trading Hours 2015

River City Carpet Cleaning Trading Hours 2015   River City Carpet Cleaning wishes all of our valued customers a safe and merry Christmas. We will be open for most of the Christmas holiday period except for public holidays. Please feel free to email and text messages after hours if you would like a quote or.. read more →

Carpet beetle and clothes moth.

Both carpet beetle and clothes moth are considered serious pests. They can cause serious damage to woolen fabrics, carpets and rugs, woolen goods, animal skins, furs, stuffed animals, leather book bindings, feathers, animal horns, whalebone, hair, silk and dried plant products. To successfully eradicate these pests you will need to look carefully at the life.. read more →

Removing furniture indents in carpets.

Have you moved your furniture recently, or maybe replaced your furniture with new and updated furniture. Do you now have those unsightly furniture indents in your carpet? Have you tried everything to remove these marks. The success of removing furniture indent marks from your carpet varies with the different types of carpets and underlays that.. read more →

The Top 8 Questions to ask when Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

  The Top 8 Questions to ask when Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner At River City Carpet Cleaning Ipswich we believe if something seems too good to be true then it probably is – which is why we have compiled this handy list of questions for you to ask when employing a professional carpet cleaner… read more →

Deep down stain removal.

Sometimes stains penetrate deep down in your carpets. Normal stain removal techniques might not be enough to remove these stubborn type of stains. Spills such as soft drink, juice and red wine may find its way deep into the carpet pile. The only way to successfully remove these types of stains would be to extract.. read more →

Why truck-mount carpet cleaning is best.

Why Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning is Best   At River City Carpet Cleaning we understand that carpets can be expensive, which is why we use only the best equipment in our cleaning process. From experience we have found that truck-mounted carpet cleaning systems are the best and safest way to clean and sanitize carpets thoroughly. Truck-mounted.. read more →

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