Removing red stains from carpet – Creaming soda

Today we were asked to remove a red stain from a bedroom carpet. This particular stain was about three months old. The reason why It was left for three months is common issue we come across. The teenager of the house spilt a softdrink (creaming soda) and not wanting to get into trouble, decided to.. read more →

Rental Properties – Entry Condition Reports.

The Entry condition report records the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy. It is important that tenants and property managers/owners fill out this report properly to avoid problems in the future. The property manager/owner and the tenant each complete and sign their part of the report. For each item on the.. read more →

Christmas Holiday Opening Hours.

                    CHRISTMAS TRADING HOURS Wednesday 7th December                           7:30am  –  5:00pm Thursday 8th December                               7:30am  –  5:00pm Friday 9th December                                    7:30am  –  5:00pm Saturday 10th December                              7:30am  –  12:00pm Sunday 11th December                                 CLOSED Monday 12th December                                 7:30am  –  5:00pm Tuesday 13th December                               .. read more →

How to get rid of Spiders.

One of the main things that can make your home look untidy are spider webs. They love to spin their webs across garden paths and walkways and trust me, there not much fun walking through them at night. So what can be done to keep spiders at bay. The number one way to rid your.. read more →

Pre Christmas Carpet Cleaning Rush.

Our Ipswich carpet cleaning and pest control services are in full swing now. This is our busiest time of year leading up to the Christmas holidays.We want all of our valued carpet cleaning customers to enjoy the experience of having there carpets and upholstery cleaned, and freshened up for the festive season. Most of our.. read more →

How to get rid of Fleas.

How to get rid of Fleas. Treat your pets as soon as you can. You will get better results if all flea treatments – environmental and on-animal – are done about the same time. DO NOT AVOID FLEA INFESTED AREAS AFTER THE TREATMENT – YOU WILL REDUCE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE TREATMENT – especially remember.. read more →

Has my carpet colour faded?

                Has my carpet colour faded? As carpet cleaners we come across carpet that has faded all the time. Most homes in the Ipswich area have large windows and glass sliding doors. These large windows can create havoc with carpet allowing full sun to penetrate the indoor floors. The first stage is the colour fading,.. read more →

Tough carpet cleaning job

Sometimes carpet cleaning in Ipswich Qld we get asked to clean neglected and unloved carpets. We love the opportunity to get the big guns out to get the carpets looking great again. This particular job we used an enzyme carpet cleaning shampoo to help break down all the food and drink spills. With a bit.. read more →

Two great ideas when moving house

Two great moving tips When I saw this bin in the driveway on one of our recent end of lease carpet cleans, I didn’t just see a bin full of rubbish. I saw two great tips to share when your moving house.   Have a garage sale to sell unwanted stuff instead of packing them.. read more →

Springfield Lakes. How a city was born.

River city carpet cleaning has been supplying carpet cleaning and pest control services in the Springfield lakes area for over fifteen years now. Springfield lakes beginnings are an interesting story about a former Sydney taxi driver, and how he acquired the land with virtually no money. Here is the three part story as told by.. read more →

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